As a PhD candidate, Ilia helps (assists) in teaching technical courses on machine learning and text mining at the University of Lausanne. The focus is on using R and Python as programming languages to train polyglot data scientists. He emphasizes the importance of proficiency in multiple programming languages and reporting tools and strives to impart this knowledge to the students. During these courses, students learn the technical skills required for these fields and how to effectively report their findings using tools such as Quarto, Git, and, occasionally, shell scripting. Ilia believes that a thorough understanding of these tools is essential for success in data science.

This page lets readers learn about the various resources available for further study and explore the broader community of data science practitioners. There are examples and demonstrations of the concepts covered. These examples will showcase using R and Python for machine learning, text mining, and effective reporting using tools such as Quarto and Git. By sharing these examples, Ilia hopes to inspire others to learn and apply these techniques in their own work.

Machine Learning in Business Analytics

This course introduces various machine learning algorithms, both in the realm of supervised and unsupervised ML. The course emphasizes using R & Python programming to apply these techniques and analyze the results. Ilia prepares all the lab sessions in both programming languages and teaches numerous concepts such as Quarto, using Git & GitHub for collaboration, and the benefits of using Linux OS and shell scripting. It is a 6-credit course offered in the spring semester of 2022-2023 to Master’s students. The evaluation as of 2022 is based on an individual or group project (maximum groups of 1-2 persons), including a report and a final presentation.


Text Mining

This course covers various topics such as document acquisition, word embedding, and unsupervised and supervised learning. Ilia teaches two standalone lectures on web scrapping and Neural Langauge Processing (NLP) with HugginingFace. The course applies these techniques using R programming. It is a 6-credit course offered in the autumn semester of 2022-2023 to Master’s students.1


Additionally, you can also find one of the lectures given by Ilia on web scraping:


  1. The primary instructor of both courses is Dr. Marc-Olivier Boldi who teaches the theoretical foundations in both courses. Additionally, Dr.Marcel Baumgartner serves as a second lecturer for the text mining course.↩︎